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brain out攻略144,brain out 60

脑袋打开花、动脑筋,用主张抄袭他人的想法!Brain out攻略144(附完整攻略),我曾经问过老师,我就问过了老师,电视上反复播放同一个广告目的无非是想宣传得使消费者非用不可,英语是走向世界的桥梁、时间就是生命,精通英语 走遍天下、开拓创新、创造创新——2020年中国国际公共卫生事业发展规划(试行),神头和鬼脸战队成员分享《最强大脑》的智力代表,我这里永远给你留个位置 你胜过百个泛泛之交,说起来也奇怪,莫名就遇见了 莫名的还有相同的爱好,祝你一帆风顺 有幸遇见你,电影会落幕 像电影中美好的大结局一样 我们经历种种 最后幸福走下去,你分享过的青春 不比初恋少一半,繁华落幕 我陪你日落流年,繁华落幕 我陪你落日流年.

brain out攻略144

1.beat one’s brain over 对…冥思苦想

2.blow out sb’s brains 把某人的脑袋打开花

3.have brains 有头脑

4.lack brains 缺乏头脑

5.muddle the brain 使头脑糊涂

6.operate on brain 对大脑施行手术

7.pick sb’s brain 采用某人的主张,抄袭他人的想法

8.tax one’s brain 费脑筋,苦思

9.turn sb’s brain 使某人得意忘形,冲昏某人的头脑

10.use one’s brain 动脑筋

brain out 60

brain out攻略144,brain out 60

     brain造句简单:Brain against brute force-andbraincame out on the top-as it”s bound to do兄弟双子传说攻略键盘. 26、Thebrainhas two distinct areas — the left…


我曾经问过老师,Commercial特指电视广告,advertisement就是广义的广告 commercial n. (广播、电视的)广告 The aim of the repetitions of the same commercial on television is nothing but to brainwash consumers into compulsive sonsumption. 电视上反复地播放同一个广告的目的无非是想宣传得使消费者非用不可。

advertisement n. 广告(= ad) The wall was covered with advertisements. 墙上贴满了广告。


 1、Offering is life 奉献就是人生

  2、Discard the old ways of life in favor of the new Be promising and diligent in one’s work革故鼎新 奋发图强

  3、English is the bridge to the world英语是走向世界的桥梁

  4、Time is life 时间就是生命

  5、Knowledgeable about the past and present Conversant with the Chinese and west博古通今 学贯中西

  6、Learning English well having bright future学好英语 前程灿烂

  7、Teach students in allowance with their opportunities Take advantage of their specialties因材施教 发展特长

  8、Master English you can roam the world精通英语 走遍天下

  9、Develop create and improve together with the time与时俱进 开拓创新

  10、The motherland in heart and the world in eyes胸怀祖国 放眼世界

  11、Solidify your base and richen your knowledge to improve your ability 厚基础 宽知识 强能力

  12、Learn different languages to master the worldCulture 学中外语言 通五洲文化

brain out 11关

神头鬼脸战队成员包括:神头(Super Brain)和鬼脸(Laughing Out Loud),他们是中国大陆的知名综艺节目《最强大脑》中两位常驻嘉宾,作为出色的智力代表,他们在节目中展现了独特的才华和出色的表现。

brain out攻略144,brain out 60


希望我不在你身边的时候都能照顾好自己快乐充实的 生活 有一个明亮的未来 这是我们暂时分别的意义.

I hope I can take good care of myself when I am not around you, live a happy and fulfilling life and have a bright future. This is the meaning of our temporary separation.

在我这里永远给你留个位置你永远是首选希望再 见面时 都是更好的自己.

I’ll always leave a place for you You’ll always be the first choice Hope we’ll be better when we meet again.


You are more than a hundred acquaintances.

说起来也奇怪 莫名就遇见了 莫名就玩到一起 莫名 的还有相同的爱好 莫名的一下过了好几年.

It is strange to say that inexplicably met inexplicably played together inexplicably also have the same hobbies inexplicably after several years.

想和你做彼此心事的靠山 想和你永远好奇又贪玩 原 来友情真的可以一个像夏天 一个像秋天 陪伴彼此走 过一年又一年.

I want to be the backer of each other’s heart with you. I want to be curious and playful with you forever. Friendship can really accompany each other year after year like a summer like a fall.

很庆幸能陪你走过这样一段路 以后不管你是才华横溢还是泯然众人 我都记得在这个几个春夏到秋冬 我们一起见证了认为前路有光的日子祝你一帆风顺 有幸遇见你.

I am so glad to be able to accompany you through such a road. No matter you are brilliant or you are not, I still remember that we have witnessed the bright days in the past few spring, summer, autumn and winter. I wish you smooth sailing and I have the honor to meet you.

电影会落幕 我们照样落幕 是像电影中美好的大结局一样 我们经历种种 最后幸福走下去的落幕.

The end of the movie will be the end of the movie we will be the end of the movie is like a wonderful ending we go through all the final happiness of the end.

没什么好炫耀的 今年是你 明年 是你 年年是你.

There’s nothing to brag about. It’s you this year. It’s you next year.


Side by side may last longer than hand by hand.

与你分享过的青春 不比初恋少半分.

The youth that I have shared with you is not less than my first love.

繁华落幕 我陪你日落流年.

The prosperous end of the sunset I accompany you.

我们的关系就是 新郎未知 伴娘已定.

Our relationship is that the groom is unknown and the bridesmaid is decided.

我们看似如胶似漆 好像又平淡无奇.

We seem so connected and so bland.

与你分享过的青春 不比初恋少半分.

The youth that I have shared with you is not less than my first love.

当两个有趣的灵魂碰撞一起 那便是友情开始的瞬间.

brain out攻略144,brain out 60

Friendship begins when two interesting souls meet.

我要陪你一年又一年 十年又十年.

I will accompany you for years and years and years.

繁华落幕 我陪你落日流年.

The prosperous end of the sunset I accompany you.神乐道中记攻略

我们不是冬日限定 是来日方长.

We are not limited to the winter is the days ahead.

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